Frequently Asked Questions


What age can children be seen at?

ChildrenĀ can be seen at any age. Very young children may not wish to sit in the dental chair but it can still be beneficial for them to watch parents or siblings receiving non threatening treatment. We often start with small steps, perhaps sitting on a parents lap, having teeth counted then getting a sticker. An enjoyable experience can make it much easier for them to cope with dental treatment when they are older.

How Long is a standard Examination

Examinations normally last about 20 minutes.

How often should i visit the dentist

This is different for every patient. Depending on your age and diet and your existing dental restorations suggested examination recall intervals are between 4 months to 2 years. How often you may need a scale and polish can also vary. Your dentist will advise you on a suggested period.

Do you take on NHS patients

Sorry we are unable to take on NHS patients. Please contact NHS Choices[/toggle