September 18th, 2015 | Administration | Comments Off on Emails


We are now using emails.

We don’t use them for marketing and we don’t share them with anyone else.

If we have your email you will gain the following benefits.

  • When you are due for a checkup or a polish you will get a reminder email.  Don’t worry if you miss it you will still get a normal letter a couple of weeks later.
  • When you make an appointment or change an appointment you will get an immediate confirmation email with the details.
  • You will get a reminder about an appointment two days before it is due.
  • After a visit you may optionally ask for an email with attached receipt, estimate, or treatment plan instead of, or in addition to a printout.

When you are next at the practice we will ask you if you have an email you would like to share with us. But don’t worry if you don’t have one or prefer to keep it private. You will still get your normal reminder letters.

If you would like your email added sooner please send an email to [email protected]  with the subject “Add my email”

In the message body please include your full name, your email and your date of birth.

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